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Tameside's Computer & Laptop Repair Specialists

Computing Solutions is your trusted computer and laptop repair specialists in Tameside.


We offer a range of services including hardware upgrades, virus removal, and data recovery.


See what our satisfied customers in Tameside have to say about our exceptional service

About Computing Solutions

Quality, friendly and professional computer & laptop repairs and servicing in Tameside.

Paul & Computing Solutions has been providing Tameside residents and businesses with reliable computer and laptop repair services for over 20 years.


We aim to deliver top-notch, affordable solutions for your tech needs. Our expert team is based in Tameside and is dedicated to serving the local community.


At Computing Solutions, we provide comprehensive computer and laptop repair services for Tameside customers. From hardware upgrades and virus removal to software troubleshooting, we've got you covered. Trust our Tameside-based expert to keep your devices running smoothly.


Laptop & Computer Repairs

Get reliable, affordable laptop and computer repairs in Tameside from our skilled team at Computing Solutions. We specialise in hardware upgrades, virus removal, and data recovery, ensuring your devices run optimally. Trust us for top-notch service and support for all your tech needs.


Hardware Upgrades

Boost your computer's performance with expert hardware upgrade services in Tameside at Computing Solutions. We provide RAM, SSD, and GPU upgrades to enhance speed and efficiency. Rely on our Tameside-based specialists to optimise your device for a seamless computing experience.


Virus Removal

Safeguard your computer with professional virus removal services at Computing Solutions. Our skilled technicians eliminate malware, ransomware, and other threats, restoring your device's security. Trust our Tameside-based team to keep your data protected and your computer running smoothly.


Data Recovery

Retrieve lost or damaged files with Computing Solutions's expert data recovery services in Tameside. Our experienced technicians handle hard drive failures, accidental deletions, and corrupted data, restoring your valuable information. Trust our Tameside-based team for dependable and efficient data recovery solutions.


Home & Small Office Visits

Computing Solutions prioritises customer convenience with on-site services in Tameside for homes and offices. Our expert technicians diagnose and resolve issues quickly, and if needed, collect and return devices after repairs. Trust our efficient, hassle-free service to minimise downtime and maintain device performance.


Refurbished Laptop Sales

Discover quality refurbished laptops and PCs at Computing Solutions in Tameside. Our skilled team meticulously inspects and upgrades each device, ensuring top performance at affordable prices. Choose our Tameside-based store for eco-friendly, cost-effective computing solutions to suit your needs.

Customer Reviews

"I contacted Paul after seeing his company online and the good reviews. I had a potentially tricky situation with my computer which I wasn't sure would get sorted. As I am not at home to be present with my PC all the time we agreed a time for Paul to ring me and look at my set up remotely. He contacted me bang on time and after a fair bit of analysis and installing etc. he achieved the solution. We also agreed a fair price. I would definitely recommend using him 👍" - Chris Maguire

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